Working Together Toward a Statewide Harmful Algal Bloom Program

State Fair Demo

The events of summer 2012 pointed out a critical need in Illinois to provide information to local residents and water resource managers about HABs and the potential risk to humans and pets. Also recognizing the advantages of working with other state and federal agencies in addressing this need, Illinois EPA began discussions with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Illinois Department of Public Health, and the U.S. Geological Survey regarding the development of a statewide HAB program in Illinois. The cooperation between agencies led to a public meeting held at Illinois EPA headquarters in Springfield, IL on January 16, 2013. At this meeting, participants presented current information on HABs in Illinois and discussed potential future surveillance and monitoring efforts in the state, including the role that each agency might play in those efforts. About 70 people representing various agencies, organizations, and homeowner groups in Illinois attended the meeting.

The Agenda and PowerPoint presentations from the January 16, 2013 public meeting: