Transportation of Wastes

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) regulates the transportation of the following wastes: Used Tires, Special Waste including Hazardous Waste, and Potentially Infectious Medical Waste (PIMW). There are no manifest requirements for waste tires, but the other programs require that all loads be accompanied by the appropriate manifest forms purchased from the IEPA.

As of September 1, 2012, all transporters operating in Illinois must obtain an Illinois Special Waste Hauler permit.

Special Waste Hauling permits are now issued for a 3-year period.

Transporting Special waste requires:

  1. A special waste hauling permit
  2. Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest 
  3. To transport RCRA or TSCA waste, you must have notified as a transporter using form 8700-12 and obtained a USEPA ID number.
  4. Special waste hauler list.

Transporting Potentially Infectious Medical Waste (PIMW) requires:

  1. A PIMW hauling permit
  2. PIMW manifest  purchased from the IEPA, and
  3. Submission of reports of activities. Contact  Hope Wright at 217-785-2361 with questions.
  4. More information on PIMW
  5. PIMW hauler list.

For more information on transporting any of these wastes contact Hope Wright at 217-785-2361.

Handling Used Tires: