Hazardous Waste Forms

Forms and Instructions for 2017

Hazardous Waste Annual Report Instructions
Instructions are in Adobe PDF format, with information on who is required to complete the report and instructions on how to complete the forms. Changes are highlighted for easier review of the instructions.

Hazardous Waste Annual Report Electronic Application
This is a self-extracting Zip (.exe) file for installing the HAR 2017 Desktop Application. Run the HAR2017.exe file to extract the zipped installation files, then run the setup.exe file to install the application. IEPA is no longer able to accept 3.5 inch disks; please submit on CD or thumb/flash drive.

Hazardous Waste Annual Report Forms

Forms may be completed online for companies that do not qualify as a large quantity generator/receiving facility during any month or in order to update the status of a facility. The form is to be printed and signed manually before mailing.

The Definition of Solid Waste Amendments and the Academic Laboratory 722 Subpart K rules have been adopted in Illinois with a November 12, 2010 effective date. If you need to notify under these sections for either Hazardous Secondary Material Activity or Academic Laboratory, please complete the Notification form and submit with your hazardous waste report.

To complete Form T1, you need the 4-digit hauler permit number for every transporter. Please refer to the Transportation of Wastes index page for lists of transporters by company name, by county, and by state.