2018 Goals for Electronic Manufacturers

Recycling/Refurbishing Goals For Electronic Manufacturers

2018 Statewide Goal = 49,600,000

Manufacturers not listed have yet to submit sales data.
Sales data due September 1, 2017.
Manufacturers with 0 for these goals submitted zero sales.

3M Company173.98
Acer America Corp.1,003,603.01
Aleph Objects600.40
American Future Tech Corp dba ibuypower1,524.73
American Network Solutions, LLC4,803.86
Apple Inc.746,373.44
ASUS Computer International796,786.67
Atyme Corporation, Inc.0.00
Bang & Olufsen America Inc7,604.27
BenQ America Corp.8,269.32
Best Buy2,845,796.07
Brother International Corporation1,668,129.82
Canon U.S.A. Inc.1,450,643.37
Cellco Partnership (Verizon)22,257.94
Craig Electronics - Newtech Electronic Industries4,724.47
Curtis International88,030.88
Cyberpower Inc.42,850.70
D&M Holdings, NA493.88
Dell Inc.1,298,816.50
Digital Products, Inc. (DPI)39,142.24
EliteLux Technologies, Inc.1,294,121.76
ELO Touch (formerly TE Connectivity)1,627.21
Envision Peripherals Inc. (EPI)192,427.24
Epson America Inc.664,688.22
Equus Computer Solutions342.91
Fujitsu America, Inc.319.44
Funai Corporation Inc. (P and F USA)2,886,430.95
Haier America124,687.77
Hisense USA Corporation1,278,826.68
Hitachi America, Ltd. (Digital Media Division)166,285.18
HP Inc.3,543,755.51
Innovative DTV Solutions4,290.17
Intel Corporation13,571.39
International Business Machines Corporation0.00
JVCKENWOOD USA Corp50,617.58
Kensington Computer Products Group, A Division of ACCO Brands USA LLC10,092.98
Kidz Delight1,613.94
Konica Minolta Business Solutions64,971.99
LG Electronics USA Inc.4,008,573.97
Mattel (Fuhu)8,288.60
Micro Center/Micro Elec./IPSG30,009.42
Microsoft Corporation1,240,680.78
MSI Computer14,024.39
NEC Displays1,834.30
Nintendo of America45,015.70
Nook Digital LLC fka Barnes and Noble830.06
Nvidia Corporation3,310.76
Oki Data64,211.36
Onkyo USA Corporation2,102.36
Panasonic Corporation of North America26,989.35
Planar Systems Inc./Runco17,375.77
PLR IP Holdings, LLC (Polaroid)53,021.27
Premio Inc.1,271.67
Proexpress Distributor LLC145.52
Ricoh USA, Inc.41,234.23
Samsung Electronics Co.10,949,618.51
Sears Holding12,581.27
Shaghal Ltd82.25
Sirius XM Radio, Inc.3,842.84
Sony Electronics Inc2,565,013.02
Stratasys, Inc.6,792.34
Sunbrite Television17,937.94
TCT Mobile (US) Inc.9,183.83
TMAX Digital8,017.82
Tongfang Global, Inc.435,733.38
Toshiba America Information Systems Inc.1,138,326.72
Transcosmos America, Inc.71.29
TTE Technology Inc.957,397.67
USA111 Inc.2,579.39
Venturer Electronics Inc77,283.74
Visual Land79.08
Vizio Inc.5,758,491.72
VOXX (formerly Audiovox)249.59
Vtech Electronics North America LLC21,212.10
Wacom Technology Corporation12,073.96
Xerox Corporation23,044.98
Yifang USA Inc.23,051.31