Small Business Toll-Free Environmental Helpline Survey

Thank you for your recent call to the Small Business Toll-Free Environmental Helpline. Please help us better serve you and others by taking a few minutes to answer these ten questions.

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  1. How satisfied are you with the assistance you received from the Small Business Environmental Helpline? (required) 

     Very satisfied
     Somewhat satisfied

  2. How would you describe the quality of service you received from the Small Business Environmental Helpline? 
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    (able to answer questions, find answers, or resolve problems) 
    (unable to answer questions, find answers or resolve problems)



  3. Would you recommend this Helpline to others? 




  4. What type of organization do you work for? 

    Type of business:  
     Consulting company or law firm
     Trade association
     Non-profit organization
     School or university

  5. How did you become aware of the Helpline? 

     Referral from another government agency, official, or hotline
     Referral from another business
     Trade association
     Letter or mailing
     Workshop, seminar, or conference
     Other publication or newsletter

  6. In what areas did you request assistance?(required) 
    (Check all that apply)

     General information
     Problem resolution
     Air permitting or regulations
     Storm water permitting or regulations
     Water permitting or regulations
     Waste handling and disposal

  7. Did the assistance provided adequately address the need you identified in question 6 above? (required) 


    If no, why not? (required if you answered "No" above)


  8. Have you implemented any changes or improved environmental practices as a result of your use of the Helpline? 

     Changes not needed

    If yes, what?


  9. As a result of your experience with the Helpline, what improvements to the Helpline would you recommend? 


  10. What else can the Office of Small Business do to help you? 

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.