Project Technical Summaries

The pages listed in the navigation menu to the right contain technical summaries of intern projects from past years. For more information on any of these intern projects, contact Rick Reese at 217-557-8671.

Project Highlights

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See the highlights of Madeline Kull’s experience for the summer of 2014. She was placed at the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center on the campus of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

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These four students worked for us during the summer of 2014. The student and corresponding host facility includes:

  • Ryan Goewert; Carlisle Construction Materials, Greenville, IL
  • Jennifer Gerwitz; Eaton B-Line, Troy, IL
  • Brock Bursott; Mueller Company, Decatur, IL
  • Madeleine Turk; Pinnacle Foods, St. Elmo, IL

The Illinois EPA interns were co-sponsored by the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center.