Pollution Prevention & Energy Efficiency Internship Program

  • Student application period: The application period for this year has ended.
  • Company applications will be accepted year-round. We would like to have all applications including the project description by Friday, January 16, 2015 for next summer's 2015 program.
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Each year, Illinois EPA's Office of Pollution Prevention recruits upper-level university students to work on both pollution prevention (P2) and energy efficiency (E2) projects during the summer. While students have been placed primarily at manufacturing facilities, they have also worked at small business development centers, trade associations, local government facilities, environmental groups and military installations. The purpose of the program is to help facilities identify, research and pilot P2 technologies and practices. In the area of E2, companies can realize overhead cost savings due to increased energy efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Each student selected for the program is required to attend an initial P2 training program in Springfield. The student will spend the remainder of the 12-week summer session working as a temporary full-time employee at the sponsoring facility. Students typically have backgrounds in engineering, environmental management, or chemistry.

The program has helped Illinois businesses save millions of dollars.

For more information on the Pollution Prevention Internship Program contact:

Richard Reese, CEM, CEA
Illinois EPA - Office of Pollution Prevention
(217) 557-8671