Pollution Prevention

The Office of Pollution Prevention offers several programs and services that encourage businesses, institutions and others to adopt pollution prevention and other sustainability practices. Pollution prevention is achieved through material substitutions, process changes and the more efficient use of natural resources (e.g., raw materials, energy, water, and other resources). These changes can help facilities protect the environment, meet compliance standards, save money and increase efficiency.

Pollution Prevention Internship Program helps facilities identify and implement waste reduction, energy efficiency and water conservation projects, while providing practical work experience for college students entering the engineering and environmental field.

Mercury Products Stewardship includes initiatives that reduce non-essential uses of mercury in household, commercial and other products, while ensuring that the remaining mercury-containing products in commerce are managed properly at the end of their useful life.

Green Government - Illinois EPA is working with the Governor's Office and other executive branch agencies to incorporate sustainability practices into core state government operations, including purchasing, transportation, construction and maintenance activities.

Green Communities Demonstration Program was a two-year program designed to jumpstart green or sustainability planning efforts at the local and regional level across the state.  The goal of the program was to promote inclusive community-based planning techniques to help communities involve citizens in addressing a wide range of local environmental issues and chart a course for a more sustainable future.

Safer Chemistry Challenge Program is a voluntary initiative that encourages businesses and others to reduce the use and generation of hazardous substances in the products they manufacture and use.

Program Results - A summary of the environmental outcomes and results for the pollution prevention programs, including energy and cost savings, and reductions in greenhouse gases, water and waste generation.

Staff Directory - Email and phone numbers for pollution prevention staff.

Resources - Provides links to services, case studies, technical assistance and partnerships to help facilities enhance their pollution prevention programs.

Publications - Sources for factsheets, checklists and tips on pollution prevention and sustainability practices.