Instructions for Pre-applications for Loan Assistance for Drinking Water Loan Projects

Instructions for Pre-Applications for Loan Assistance for Drinking Water Loan Projects Pre-Applications must be received by the Agency on or before March 31 preceding the fiscal year for which assistance is requested in order to be included on the Agency's printed priority list or Intended Use Plan. Pre-applications should be sent to the Agency at Post Office Box 19276, Springfield, IL 62794-9276. The following provides further explanation of the pre-application and the priority scoring process:

  1. Legal name of the loan applicant that will own the facilities to be constructed.
  2. Address of loan applicant.
  3. The county and district should be consistent with the mailing address.
  4. The authorized representative must be the person or officer with the local government that will be responsible to execute loan documents.
  5. The name of the Architectural/Engineering consultants or City Engineer that will be responsible for the project planning, design and construction of the loan project.
  6. Public Water Supply Facility Number.
  7. A separate pre-application should be submitted for each type of project and for each project of the same type that will not be constructed concurrently.

    Note. Not all of the information used to determine the priority of projects comes from information submitted on the pre-application. Some of the information used to complete the scoring process will be provided by the Agency from its records or produced during the project planning approval process and is italicized below. In the absence of this information at the time of priority scoring, a default value of one will be used in the priority scoring calculation until the appropriate value has been determined.

    • "Compliance Project" - A project that will satisfy a compliance need, prevent a water supply from a impending non-compliance condition, or correct a State's Technical Policy violation. For the compliance projects, indicate the MCL parameter violation or treatment technique requirement that will be corrected by the project. If the project is to correct violations of the State's technical policies, please attach a copy of the Notice of Violation. The population figures for projects serving less than the entire service area should be provided in the Agency approved planning, and an assessment of the facilities compliance with drinking water standards and compliance with States Technical Policies, as evidenced by an Agency issued Notice of Violation, will be verified by the Agency. The Agency will provide population figures where the project affects the entire service area. Additionally, the Agency will provide economic data and source water protection data that is used in the priority scoring process.
    • "New Service Project" - A project which will provide drinking water service to an area that has no centralized distribution of drinking water. New Service Projects include the construction of new distribution systems to be connected to existing drinking water treatment facilities or new drinking water distribution systems and associated drinking water treatment facilities. Population figures to be served by the project and the percentage of wells that are not an acceptable water supply should be documented by the applicant in the project plan report. Additionally, the Agency will provide economic data and source water protection data that is used in the priority scoring process.
    • "Service Continuation Project" - A project for the improvement, upgrade, rehabilitation, renovation, and/or replacement of drinking water facilities. Service Continuation Projects include the renovation, repair, replacement or addition of elements of the drinking water treatment, transmission or storage facilities to enable them to maintain the capabilities and capacities for which they were designed and constructed. Population figures for projects that serve less than applicant's entire service area will be taken from the Agency approved project planning report. An assessment of the conditions of the existing facilities by Agency staff will also impact the priority scoring. Additionally, the Agency will provide economic data and source water protection data that is used in the priority scoring process.
  8. Please provide the current population to be served by the project. For projects that do serve the entire service area or "New Service Projects", the population number will be verified from the approved project planning before it is utilized in the priority scoring process.
  9. Provide a description of the proposed drinking water construction project.
  10. Please provide an estimate of the cost for the proposed project and the proposed loan amount.
  11. Provide an estimated schedule for:
    1. The submission of the project planning to the Agency.
    2. Engineering Plans and Specifications submission to the Agency.
    3. The award of the construction contract.
    4. The completion of construction.