Storm Water Notices of Intent Information for Construction and Industrial Activities

Notices of Intent

Information on new NOI applications are available on the listings below after the permit application form has been submitted to the Agency and reviewed for completeness. After the NOI application has been reviewed, an identifying ILR number is assigned to the permit application and the applicants will be posted to the listed links of this site. This DOES NOT mean your permit application has been approved. Follow the instructions provided on the permit application forms for more details on what is required to receive a permit.

Please click either the Construction or Industrial Applicant link(s) immediately below to view/search all NOI's for each respective NOI type and follow the instruction on the subsequent pages. Additionally, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan documentation can be viewed on these pages. Your internet connection speed will dictate how fast subsequent pages are loaded.

Submission of Notice of Intent

To submit a notice of intent, please, follow the guidelines for the appropriate type of activity