Landfill Tipping Fees

Who is covered?

Municipal waste landfill operators currently pay two fees (Solid Waste Tipping Fee and Subtitle D Fee) based on the volume of waste received each year.

What is the fee?

The fee depends on the total volume of waste received in a calendar year. Operators that receive more than 150,000 cubic yards of waste in a year have the option of measuring waste by volume (cubic yards) or weight (tons) and deciding which unit to use to calculate the fee payment. Operators that receive less than 150,000 cubic yards in a year fall into fee payment categories.

Cubic Yards Received in a Year (Thousands)Solid Waste FeeSubtitle D Fee

Who do I contact with questions?

Additional information or assistance is available by contacting Todd M. Haberer, Accountant, Fiscal Services at (217) 557-3049.