Students learn about hazardous material and how dangerous it can be when disposed of improperly.

Students learn about Pat's Pond Critters.

Brian "Fox" Ellis teaches the students with a story about the "Adventures with Audubon."

The Lanphier High School Environmental Club teach the students about recycling.

After presenting about birds, the Auburn High School Science Club pause to take a quick picture with their students.

Students get an up close lesson on the IL Birds of Prey.

Grant Middle School's IL Math and Science Academy students taught the younger students about the detrimental effects climate change can have on the earth by playing the Global Warming game.

Students learn about the dynamics of streams and rivers.

Students hear the "Story of Petroleum" as told by the "Oil Dude."

Students get up close and personal with a flathead catfish.

Students enjoy the "Macroinvertebrate Mayhem" presentation.

Macroinvertebrates are cool!