Application for Accreditation

The following files contain the application package for accreditation and invoice for accreditation fees. Laboratories applying for primary NELAP accreditation should complete the application package as directed below. Laboratories seeking secondary NELAP accreditation should contact a member of the IL ELAP staff for directions on completing the application package.

Application Package

The entire application package can be downloaded using the "Application package and attachments" link below. However, due to the file size the application package is also divided and available in seven individual files:

  • Application Package (contains the main body of application),
  • Attachment 2,
  • Attachment 3,
  • Attachment 4,
  • Attachment 5,
  • Attachment 6 and
  • Attachment 7.

A laboratory can use the application to request initial accreditation, supplement a renewal application package the laboratory currently has in house (e.g., replace an application form which was incorrectly filled out) or to request additional fields of testing, methods or analytes to the laboratory's current scope of accreditation during periods other than renewal.

For those laboratories using the application for initial accreditation, all forms contained in the eight files must be completed, as applicable (e.g., only complete the method tables for the fields of testing the laboratory is requesting accreditation). The entire application package must be submitted to the Illinois Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (IL ELAP).

For those laboratories using this application to request additional fields of testing, methods and analytes to its scope of accreditation at times other than the normal renewal time, please contact your designated accreditation officer to determine what information must be submitted.


In order to begin the IL ELAP laboratory accreditation process, the laboratory must pay the administrative fee and the applicable accreditation fee(s) when submitting the completed application package and signed invoice. The fee structure is specified in Part 185: "Environmental Laboratory Certification Fee Rules" and reiterated on the invoice.

On the invoice, please indicate the fields of testing for which the laboratory is seeking accreditation and indicate the amount of payment submitted to IL ELAP. Also on the invoice, you will notice a box labeled the "participation period" which will be a time period starting from the laboratory's date of initial accreditation and ending a year later. The laboratory's date of initial accreditation will be the date that the laboratory completes the accreditation process and a certificate of approval is issued. Accreditation fees must be paid once a year on the laboratory's anniversary date of their initial accreditation. Please note that the fees for accreditation are non-refundable.

Attachment 1 consists of Quality System Checklists A-E. This attachment is no longer required to be submitted with the application package.

  • Attachment 1 - Quality System Checklist A-E
  • Attachment 2 - Safe Drinking Water Act - Organic Method Table
  • Attachment 3 - Safe Drinking Water Act - Inorganic Method Table
  • Attachment 4 - Clean Water Act (Non-Potable Water) - Organic Method Table
  • Attachment 5 - Clean Water Act (Non-Potable Water) - Inorganic Method Table
  • Attachment 6 - RCRA (Solid & Chemical Materials) - Organic Method Table
  • Attachment 7 - RCRA (Solid & Chemical Materials) - Inorganic Method Table
  • Invoice - Invoice listing the required accreditation fees