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SubjectHearing DateAvailable DocumentsComment Period EndsPostedLast Updated
Draft 2016 Integrated Water Quality Report Public Notice
Document List
March 11, 2016February 10, 2016February 11, 2016
General NPDES Permit for Discharges from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems General Storm Water Permit for MS4 February 19, 2016 
Illinois Power Generating Company – Coffeen Power Station Revised CAAPP Public Notice
Draft Permit
Statement of Basis
Notice - Revised Acid Rain Permit
 July 6, 2016June 7, 2016 
New Jersey Zinc June 29, 2016Public Notice
Comment Form Mailer
Comment Form Mailer (Spanish)
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet (Spanish)
Proposed Plan
 July 14, 2016June 8, 2016 
Odle Family Management Group Public Notice July 18, 2016June 16, 2016 
CWLP - Dallman Station Revised CAAPP Public Notice
Acid Rain Notice
Statement of Basis
Draft Permit
 June 8, 2016