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DirectorLisa Bonnett(217) 782-0547
Chief of StaffSherrie Elzinga(217) 782-9540
Deputy DirectorRyan McCreery(217) 782-0547
Associate DirectorVacant(217) 557-7826
Bureau of AirJulie Armitage(217) 785-4140
Bureau of LandHeather Nifong (Acting)(217) 785-9407
Bureau of WaterVacant(217) 782-1654
Bureau of Information SolutionsRich Fetter (Acting)(217) 785-8441
Division of LaboratoriesTom Weiss(217) 782-9780
Chief Legal CounselJohn J. Kim(217) 782-5544
Chief Ethics OfficerJohn J. Kim(217) 782-5544
Chief Financial OfficerCarol Radwine(217) 524-4337
Public Information OfficerKim Biggs (Acting)(217) 558-1536
Chief Legislative LiaisonDonovan Griffith(217) 782-0547
Office of Human ResourcesPam Smith(217) 524-9619